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State of Georgia Job Description

Job Title: Document Processor (AL)
Job Code: 80445
Last Update: 9/1/2010
Salary Plan: Statewide Salary Plan (SWD)


Job Description, Responsibilities, Standards, and Qualifications

Job Description:

Processes, organizes files, stores and retrieves documents and records. Operates printing or document processing equipment to complete advanced-level projects, prepare layouts, fabricate silk screens, or generate printed copy or signage. May serve as lead worker.

Job Responsibilities & Performance Standards:

Performs job responsibilities with minimal supervision
1. Reviews documents, ensuring that they are batched appropriately, wrinkle free, and ready for scanning.
2. Follows procedures in feeding documents into an imaging machine, stopping the machine when pages are not scanned correctly, paper jams occur, or when other problems take place.
Serves as job expert or organization resource in assigned areas
1. Initiates production and test job streams by following precise sequencing of job run procedures.
2. Changes job control statements and parameters as required and in a timely manner.
3. Ensures that the proper input media is used to process the job.
4. Starts up and shuts down equipment as instructed by the authorized personnel. Ensures preset procedures are followed accurately and in a timely manner.
5. Monitors console on a routine basis for proper processing of coupons and remittances or completion codes to ensure the system is operating within pre-established guidelines.
6. Monitors the system/application to ensure availability at all times.
7. Executes required commands to connect/disconnect peripherals to the mainframe in a timely manner.
8. Utilizes technical manuals to accurately identify problems, and promptly informs appropriate parties of problems that occur, following corrective procedures as instructed.
9. Accurately changes job control statements in a timely manner.
10. Prints reports as needed or requested.
Assists researchers, customers, or employees in the access or review of stored data
1. Performs daily and routine maintenance on equipment according to established procedures and/or maintenance manuals.
2. Monitors equipment for hardware/software problems, notifying applicable personnel or vendors when service is required and completing required documentation according to established guidelines.
3. Ensures that adequate supplies are maintained at all times, notifying appropriate personnel when supplies need to be ordered.
4. Accurately scans all documents using appropriate methods and ensures that established standards and time frames are followed.
5. Routinely inventories scanning supplies and reports any shortages to the appropriate parties in a timely manner.
Eliminates outdated, unnecessary, or imaged materials, destroying them or transferring them to inactive storage according to file maintenance guidelines and/or legal requirements
1. Scans, encodes, and endorses various coupons and remittances through the use of an imaging transport.
2. Recognizes error messages on equipment and initiates error resolution in accordance with the operator's manual.
3. Accurately compiles printout sheets with bundle totals for each bank deposited..
Enters document codes into systems in order to determine locations of documents to be retrieved
1. Demonstrates general knowledge of equipment and software by clearly communicating appropriate, accurate information to users regarding equipment and software use.
2. Provides timely information, training and assistance to users on hardware and software commensurate with user's abilities.
Implements or maintains filing systems
1. Treats customers with respect, courtesy and tact; listens to customer and interact with customers as a person while maintaining business relationship.
2. Communicates with customers and obtains all required information necessary to determine and address their specific needs; tactfully explains why, if service cannot be provided.
3. Provides clear, accurate information;explains procedures or materials or provides supplemental information; anticipates problems and questions.
May perform quality assurance inspections of materials or files in order to ensure correct placement, legibility, and proper condition
1. Treats all state personnel fairly, giving no one preferential treatment.
2. Communicates accurate information to all state personnel in a professional and courteous manner that conveys a willingness to assist.
3. Accepts direction and feedback from supervisors and follows through appropriately.
4. Accepts responsibility for mistakes and takes action to prevent similar occurrences.
5. Uses appropriate, established channels of communication.
Modifies and improves filing systems, or implements new filing systems
1. Participates in internal and external educational programs and professional meetings as available for continuing professional education.
2. Participates in regular meetings of available and applicable professional associations.
3. Reads and evaluates professional literature on continual basis.
4. Incorporates knowledge of pertinent new trends and developments into work procedures as appropriate.
Operates document-processing equipment (copiers, off-set printing or imaging equipment, microfilm cameras, scanners, planetary cameras, developing equipment)
1. Accurately scans all documents using appropriate methods and ensures that established standards and time frames are followed.
2. Routinely monitors printouts according to established procedures.
Performs basic maintenance, backs up automated data, and schedules service as needed
1. Logs all problems according to agency procedures.
2. Reports problems to appropriate personnel according to established procedures.
3. Logically updates the problem management system when a problem has been resolved or is still pending further action.
Receives, identifies, stores, shelves and/or retrieves government and other records following system unique to the agency or work unit
1. Promptly informs staff of procedural or other work related changes.
2. Distributes work for processing, ensuring all coupons and remittances are processed in an appropriate manner and time frame.

Sample Technical Competencies:

Knowledge of numbering and identification system
Computer skills
Knowledge of folder structures and navigation on servers
Ability to pull records per requests
Ability to operate all document-processing equipment
Ability to perform automated back-up procedures
Ability to supervise the unitís functions

Entry Qualifications:

High School diploma or GED and two years related experience OR One year at the lower level or at an equivalent position

Preferred Qualifications:

Experience operating office equipment experience operating Computer Imaging Scanning Equipment experience operating personal computer printers experience or ability to perform satisfactorily in a busy/high production environment. Ability to work independently good organizational skills ability to work cooperatively with others to achieve team goals mechanical orientation pertaining to scanning equipment

Career Development Levels:

GSS013 - SS: Document Processor (SP)
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