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State of Georgia Job Description

Job Title: SS:Customer Service Spec (EL)
Job Code: 61866
Last Update: 9/1/2010
Salary Plan: Statewide Salary Plan (SWD)


Job Description, Responsibilities, Standards, and Qualifications

Job Description:

Works and communicates with the general public, internal customers and/or external customers to provide information and services targeted to meet customer expectations. This is the entry/training level of the Customer Service series. Incumbents at this level may require additional training or experience to gain full proficiency in some or all of the job responsibilities.

Job Responsibilities & Performance Standards:

Answers questions, distributes literature, and/or provides interpretation services for visitors
Assists applicants, visitors, personnel and/or officials regarding regulations, policies and procedures
Compiles information and statistics as needed
Develops, displays and/or maintains information and literature for assigned area or site
Generates written responses to customer inquiries
May gather information for and initiate procurement documents, verify receipt of goods and services, or monitor vendor contract service agreements and implements service orders as needed
Provides information and answers to inquiries from internal and external customers regarding a specific program area or site
Receives and reviews customer needs, and makes recommendations for features or information services
Retrieves computer records and enters or updates databases
Reviews application data, visitor profiles, call center data or other program function areas
Updates tracking or inventory databases and enters data

Sample Technical Competencies:

Knowledge of principles and processes for providing services
Ability to listen, understand and communicate with others in conveying information
Ability to maintain logs/records of unit activities
Ability to interpret, display and maintain information
Ability to analyze problems and resolve issues

Entry Qualifications:

High School Diploma or GED AND Six months of experience handling customers¬ questions, complaints and/or providing information.

Preferred Qualifications:

No preferred qualifications information is available.

Career Development Levels:

GSS071 - SS:Customer Service Spec (WL)
GSS072 - SS:Customer Service Spec (AL)
GSS073 - SS:Customer Service Spec (SP)
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The information presented, while not an exact or exhaustive listing, describes the work, performance standards, and qualifications typically required of positions or employees in this job. A specific position description or employee performance plan may differ as long as it is consistent with the core Responsibilities, Standards and Qualifications of that job.
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