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State of Georgia Job Description

Job Title: MG1: Business Operations
Job Code: 61042
Last Update: 9/1/2010
Salary Plan: Statewide Salary Plan (SWD)


Job Description, Responsibilities, Standards, and Qualifications

Job Description:

Directs a diverse range of support, operational, and programmatic activities for a department, agency or facility. Recommends and implements policies and procedures. Directs subordinate managers and staff.

Job Responsibilities & Performance Standards:

Interviews, hires, directs, trains, evaluates the performance of, and when necessary, disciplines and discharges employees
1. In conjunction with Program Development staff, identifies pertinent policy issues.
2. Analyzes and integrates information on policy issues to formulate new policy as warranted.
3. Researches relevant documents and laws.
4. Seeks and organizes opinion and feedback as appropriate.
5. Prepares written proposal(s) within prescribed time frames.
6. Circulates proposal and incorporates feedback as appropriate.
7. Develops policy and submits for review.
8. Ensures compliance and consistency of policy proposals with law, regulations, and accrediting bodies.
9. Schedules and coordinates policy meetings in accordance with established guidelines.
Manages human resources and directs administrative activities
1. Develops and maintains a working knowledge of departmental organizational structures, missions and program operations.
2. Consults with appropriate managers and staff, visits community and facility programs and reviews official documents on a regular basis to enhance program knowledge.
3. Ensures that all necessary information is obtained through discussions with staff and/or independent research.
4. Considers pertinent factors contributing to policy content to include state and federal laws and administrative directives.
Conducts or participates in the development, review, revision, interpretation, and/or implementation of policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines
1. Analyzes and integrates, as appropriate, information on policy issues into existig policies.
2. Reviews each policy on a periodic basis to determine the need for revision.
3. Discusses items identified in review with supervisor and develops a plan for accomplishing revisions in accordance with established guidelines.
4. Negotiates and discusses conflicting points of view as appropriate.
Coordinates compliance with rules, regulations, and policies
1. Provides technical information to staff regarding policy and procedure content, format, development, revision and monitoring processes in a complete and timely manner.
2. Interprets selected policies and certain laws to local and state staff in a clear, complete and concise manner.
Coordinates interaction between department, agency, and facility operating units, other programs and/or external customers as appropriate
1. Establishes and revises guidelines and procedures to ensure that policy materials are updated and current.
2. Assures that policies are organized and accessible in accordance with applicable practices.
3. Assures that policy and/or procedure changes, additions, or revisions are disseminated to appropriate persons.
4. Interfaces with the Office of Technology Services to ensure that all policies are appropriately placed on the DJJ Intranet.
Ensures efficiency, effectiveness and accuracy of all functions through the use of computer systems, management controls, and sound organizational structure
1. Participates in work groups to develop operations, processes and mechanisms in which to comply and address reform legislation directives.
2. Evaluates current information on federal and state government policy changes that could impact the future direction in juvenile justice service delivery.
3. Discusses and provides interpretation of policy implications of future directions in juvenile justice service delivery.
4. Provides comments and suggests on developing an evaluation system for juvenile justice reform and for continuous quality improvement of the system.
Oversees the development and on-going management of one or more programs or projects consistent with agency goals and objectives
1. Communicates regularly with staff on progress toward defined goals and/or required results, providing specific feedback and initiating corrective action when defined goals and/or required results are not met.
2. Defines goals and/or required results at beginning of performance period and gains acceptance of ideas by creating a shared vision.
3. Confers regularly with staff to review specific problem areas and actions necessary for improvement.
Participates in the planning, coordination, development and implementation of long-range goals and objectives
Plans, administers, and controls the budget

Sample Technical Competencies:

Ability to implement appropriate courses of actions to ensure compliance
Skill in developing and managing the budget process
Ability to analyze the operational impact of legislative and executive initiatives
Ability to organize and manage program areas
Ability to set goals with defined milestones to measure progress
Ability to counsel subordinates when necessary

Entry Qualifications:

Completion of a Bachelor's degree in a related field and three years experience managing professional level staff, OR Seven years of experience, three years of which managing at the level equivalent to area of assignment, OR Three years of experience at the lower level or position equivalent (GSM010), OR A combination of education and experience at agency discretion.

Preferred Qualifications:

Master's Degree in Public Administration, Business Administration, Psychology, Social Work, or a related field AND one year experience in policy development or statewide planning, preferably in a human service delivery setting.

Career Development Levels:

GSM012 - MG2: Business Operations
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