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State of Georgia Job Description

Job Title: TS: Financial Ops Gen (AL)
Job Code: 40815
Last Update: 9/1/2010
Salary Plan: Statewide Salary Plan (SWD)


Job Description, Responsibilities, Standards, and Qualifications

Job Description:

Performs paraprofessional accounting and fiscal control functions, such as accounts payable and receivable, payroll preparation, budget monitoring or related processes. Provides customer service and technical program support for an accounting office or related financial function. Acts as lead worker.

Job Responsibilities & Performance Standards:

Performs job responsibilities with minimal supervision
1. Carefully reviews documentation, entries and reports for accuracy and completeness.
2. Accurately and completely records financial transactions according to established procedures.
3. Reviews and analyzes general ledger accounts accurately for fiscal integrity as well as compliance with applicable principles, standards, guidelines, policies and procedures.
4. Corrects general ledger accounts based on timely recognition of problems and accurate identification of required adjustments.
5. Coordinates work with colleagues to provide accurate and meaningful financial information in a timely manner.
Serves as job expert or organization resource in assigned areas
1. Accurately determines and initiates appropriate corrective actions.
2. Gathers appropriate information and compares records and correctly traces inaccuracies or omissions.
3. Accurately records adjusting or correcting entries.
4. Completes reconciliations within appropriate time frames.
5. Notifies appropriate authorities regarding balancing/reconciling discrepancies, problems and/or trends.
6. Appropriately transfers accounting data from individual accounting journals and ledgers to general ledgers within established time frames.
7. Performs calculations required to correctly balance and reconcile accounting records.
8. Performs in-depth research to identify irregular errors and properly correct balancing and reconciling problems.
Acts as lead worker
1. Performs adequate research to collect accurate and appropriate data.
2. Compiles data and prepares reports according to guidelines for format and content.
3. Effectively proofreads and edits reports for content, accuracy, consistency and clarity.
4. Submits reports in a timely manner and according to established procedures.
5. Independently composes and drafts associated documents (eg. letters, memos, or other narratives).
Analyzes financial reports to assess compliance
1. Accurately and concisely explains accounting systems, subsystems, procedures and practices.
2. Follows departmental policies and procedures in providing information. Reviews unusual requests with supervisor prior to releasing information.
3. Notifies appropriate personnel of pending audit actions in a timely manner.
4. Maintains availability and effectively communicates with third parties.
5. Confers with appropriate sources to prepare complete and accurate response in the requested format. Submits response in a timely manner.
Balances, reconciles, and the maintenance of accounting/financial records and related transactions
1. Promptly provides information, documents, and any other requested assistance to auditors or other reviewers.
2. Regularly reviews accounting documents/reports. Properly identifies procedural errors.
3. Makes appropriate recommendations for correction of procedural errors. Oversees the corrective process.
4. Properly identifies procedural problems causing quality assurance errors and audit exceptions.
5. Implements appropriate procedural changes to remedy identified problems and improve quality and productivity.
Collects fees or revenues, disburses payments and posts to appropriate accounts
1. Performs adequate research and compiles accurate status reports of financial conditions.
2. Compares financial status reports with projected budgets and correctly ascertains potential for cost overruns or other budget problems.
3. Reports potential budget problems to supervisor or other appropriate staff in a timely manner.
4. Makes appropriate recommendations regarding budget preparation.
5. Reviews budget data to ensure information is entered accurately into accounting system.
Compiles and prepares accounting reports
1. Provides appropriate input into section goals and objectives consistent with the organization's mission.
2. Evaluates policies, procedures and processes and recommends/implements changes to ensure assigned section is functioning efficiently.
Complies with federal, state, and agency policies, procedures, and regulations May apply GAAP guidelines
1. Provides appropriate on-the-job training to new hires and/or arranges work-related training opportunities.
2. Assigns work to employees based on workloads, staff abilities or other relevant factors.
3. Structures job duties of subordinates to meet organizational goals with available resources.
Identifies and corrects procedural problems revealed in reviews and audits
1. Trains staff on new processes and procedures as necessary.
2. Appropriately conducts or participates in interviews of applicants for position vacancies.
3. Provides accurate and timely information to staff in response to questions.
4. Trains staff on department policies, procedures and other appropriate rules or laws in a timely manner; providing necessary supporting documentation.
5. Updates training materials as necessary and clearly communicates changes to staff in a timely manner.
May compile or participate in the development of budget data and related documents
1. Accurately prepares payroll according to established time frames, guidelines and procedures. Initiates appropriate and correct employee payroll deductions.
2. Compiles accurately and/or verifies payroll-related reports.
3. Accurately balances certified payroll to local pay records. Initiates appropriate corrections.
4. Accurately sorts and distributes pay checks.
5. Receives and accurately processes void and hand-drawn/adjustment requests.
6. Properly identifies payroll errors and initiates appropriate corrections.
7. Receives and accurately processes outside requests involving employee pay, such as garnishments, levies, bankruptcies, child support wage assignments, according to applicable guidelines.
8. Provides accurate information to employees regarding payroll deductions and/or benefit options.
9. Promptly and correctly remits all employee trust balances to appropriate third parties according to applicable laws and guidelines.
Monitors individual department budgets or expenditures, and identifies budget variances
1. Correctly matches and verifies invoice amounts to source documents.
2. Accurately calculates and verifies amounts of payments.
3. Prepares checks accurately obtaining appropriate signatures as necessary.
4. Issues checks within established time frames.
Reviews documents for compliance, completes or approves transactions, and communicates program information/regulations to clients
1. Verifies availability of funds for purchases.
2. Prepares specifications in accordance with applicable regulations, procedures and guidelines.
3. Obtains bids from vendors in accordance with applicable regulations, procedures and guidelines.
4. Appropriately processes contract requests and orders for large purchases.
5. Correctly matches items received with purchase orders/contract. May approve appropriate invoices for payment.
6. Appropriately resolves problems with vendors/contractors.
7. Ensures accuracy and completeness of payment packages by reviewing information.
8. Ensures accurate purchasing records are maintained.
9. Exercises independent judgement in the review and approval of more complex or unusual/non-standard purchase requests.
Verifies the accuracy of information to be billed, tracks account activity, bills consumers and resolves billing inquiries
1. Attends staff and unit meetings and supervisory conferences as scheduled to stay up-to-date with changes in policies and procedures.
2. Attends internal and external education programs for continuing professional education.
3. Reads and remains current on any changes to agency policies and procedures and applicable laws and rules.
4. Properly balances priorities according to deadlines and related considerations.

Sample Technical Competencies:

Skill in basic accounting
Ability to verify calculations and other information
Skill in reviewing claims for processing
Ability to record expenditures in databases and log books
Ability to query and balance budgets with monthly reports
Ability to prepare reports for vendors

Entry Qualifications:

AssociateĀs degree in a business curriculum or related field AND Two years of experience performing accounting and/or fiscal control functions OR BachelorsĀ degree in a business curriculum or related field OR Four years of experience performing accounting and/or fiscal control functions OR One year of experience at the lower level or at an equivalent position

Preferred Qualifications:

No preferred qualifications information is available.

Career Development Levels:

FIT023 - TS: Financial Ops Gen(SP)
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