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State of Georgia Job Description

Job Title: Financial Examiner (AL)
Job Code: 40502
Last Update: 9/1/2010
Salary Plan: Statewide Salary Plan (SWD)


Job Description, Responsibilities, Standards, and Qualifications

Job Description:

Under general supervision audits, examines and analyzes accounting records to determine the financial condition or compliance with federal and state laws of a state chartered financial institutions and non depository financial institutions. The examiner in this position performs duties of considerable difficulty involving evaluations of internal and external audit procedures; preparation of financial and other schedules to determine the financial and operating condition of the regulated entities and credit analysis reviews. May serve as lead worker and/or supervise lower level staff.

Job Responsibilities & Performance Standards:

Performs job responsibilities with minimal supervision
1. Supervises examination work performed and the accuracy of the examination report and supporting schedules. An accurate and complete report of examination shall be submitted to the supervisory examiner or district director for review within a previously e
2. Performs examination planning, assignment of examination duties and maintains adherence to the examination schedule.
3. Determines examination scope and risk elements and as circumstances dictate, coordinates specialized examinations and joint or concurrent examinations with federal examiners.
4. Supervises the work of the examiners assigned to the examination and completes accurate and detailed Field Accountability Reports (FAR) on each examiner or assigns this duty to the Detail Examiner-In-Charge, as appropriate. On larger, more complex examin
5. Demonstrates balanced, well-reasoned judgment in decision making and communicates with management, employees, examiners and supervisors in an effective manner. Communicates all examination results at the conclusion of the examination at a wrap-up meeting
6. Reviews policies, strategic plans, budgets, minutes of the Board of Directors and Committees thereof and certain bank procedures or assigns and supervises these responsibilities.
7. Formulates draft of proposed administrative actions, if determined to be necessary, based on the level of supervisory concern. Analyzes compliance with existing administrative actions if applicable.
8. Prepares accurate and concise narrative comments and assigns a performance rating to the financial institution which precisely reflects the financial, operating and management concerns of the examiner.
Serves as job expert or organization resource in assigned areas
1. Performs a timely and comprehensive analysis of assigned credit and collateral files to determine assets of potential supervisory concern, documentary exceptions, violations of law and regulations, insider borrowing concerns and possible concentrations o
2. Discusses the loan files reviewed with management to ascertain additional information and indicate identified concerns to bank management.
3. Maintains accurate and complete documentation of the credits reviewed in the form of line cards, financial statements and other working papers and documentation.
4. Prepares appropriate examination schedules for examination classifications, violations and technical exceptions and reviews these schedules for accuracy before submitting to the Examiner-In-Charge.
5. Demonstrates the ability to properly support and explain any matters of supervisory concern in the loans reviewed to bank management and the Examiner-In-Charge.
Acts as liaison for the Department by communicating effectively with financial institutions and other agencies
1. Examiners shall train in their area of specialization, through on the job training and attendance of outside specialized training schools.
2. Maintains proficiency in their area of chosen specialization by performing on an examination in their area of specialization at least twice during each calendar year.
3. Exhibits technical competence and proficiency with the specialized software requirements required for their area of specialization.
4. Formulates written comments and recommendations in their specialized reports of examination and for assigning an appropriate administrative rating reflecting component and composite ratings.
Audits financial records of employers to evaluate reporting and payment of state sales and business taxes, Unemployment Insurance, Worker's Compensation, and other tax-related obligations
1. Performs advanced financial and narrative analysis including review of applications, visiting proposed sites and performing feasibility analysis for investigations.
2. Prepares written narrative reports and recommendations for the Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner(s) regarding these specialized supervisory duties.
3. Communicates with bank management (active or proposed), proponents, customers or competitors in order to evaluate charter investigations, consumer complaints and other specialized supervision procedures.
4. Performs specialized fraud investigations, filing criminal referrals if deemed necessary, communicating results to federal, state and local law enforcement officials and testifying in criminal prosecutions that may result from these investigations.
5. May function as temporary district supervisor in the absence of the District Director and Supervisory Examiner and as such would be responsible for report review, district administration, filing of itineraries and assignment of vehicles and maintaining d
Completes selected portions of audits as part of an audit team, or may complete less complex audits independently
1. Counsels and evaluates junior examiners' performance and identifies areas in need of improvement.
2. Provides input in the performance rating of examiners under their supervision, through the FAR's and On-The-Job Training evaluations.
3. Interacts with District Directors and Supervisory Examiners to formulate training plans for less senior examiners.
Examines financial and other documents for compliance with accepted accounting methods, policies, procedures, and laws
1. Supervised and edits the work performed by other examiners performing operational examination duties.
2. Assures the accuracy of operational examination functions by reviewing the working papers and examination schedules related to bank operations.
3. Communicates matters of supervisory concern, violations or internal control exceptions to the Examiner-In-Charge as well as management.
4. Participates in examination planning, assignment of detail examination duties and responsible for meeting schedule goals.
Inspects account books and accounting or financial computer systems for efficiency, effectiveness, and use of accepted accounting procedures to record transactions
1. Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with Department Customers and supervises the working relationships of examiners under his/her supervision.
2. Provides answers to questions asked by financial institutions management or refers such questions to supervisor if appropriate
3. Acts in a respectful and courteous manner when dealing with bank management and employees.
4. Maintains his/her personal and financial affairs in accordance with State Law and the policies of the Department of Banking and Finance.
Leads or conducts auditing of establishments, and determines scope of investigation required
1. Performs operational work assignments of a complex nature in a timely and effective manner to assure that the examination results are accurate and the examination is completed in accordance with the examination schedule.
2. Prepares written working papers, documenting the examination procedures performed in accordance with the Department's established standards and procedures.
3. Communicates matters of supervisory concern to the detail examiner-in-charge and/or the examiner in charge in a clear and timely manner.
4. Maintains the confidentiality of bank records in performing assigned examination duties.
5. Prepares examination schedules as required, including accurate and meaningful narrative analyses. These schedules should be prepared in a timely fashion and reviewed for accuracy before being submitted to the Detail Examiner-In-Charge.
6. Demonstrates technical competence and proficiency with computer hardware and software required to perform required examination functions.
May develop or maintain departmental audit standards or procedures, or review the work of outside auditors to ensure quality control
1. Participates in internal and external educational programs and professional meetings as available for continuing professional education.
2. Participates in regular meetings of related professional organizations.
3. Reads literature related to financial institutions, accounting and the profession of financial institution examination, in order to maintain technical competence and proficiency.
4. Incorporates knowledge of pertinent new trends and developments into examination procedures and practices.
5. Submits professional articles for Department publications on a periodic basis.
May supervise lower level and/or support staff
1. Develops a working knowledge of Department operating policies and procedures.
2. Safeguards and maintains computer and other equipment needed to perform job assignments, in accordance with Department Policy Standards.
3. Maintains technical proficiency with data processing software and performs examination downloads and uploads as required.
4. Maintains technical competence and proficiency with applicable laws and regulations, policy statements and accounting pronouncements required to adequately perform examination job assignments.
Prepares, analyzes, and verifies annual reports, financial statements, and other records, using accepted accounting and statistical procedures to assess financial condition and facilitate financial planning
Researches data, prepares/submits final audit reports, issues assessments, responds to protests, and resolves related issues

Sample Technical Competencies:

Knowledge of basic auditing and examination procedures related to area of assignment.
Ability to make accurate calculations.
Knowledge of technical report writing.
Ability to prepare clear and accurate reports.
Knowledge of computer systems, information technology and software used in accounting and auditing.
Ability to analyze and interpret tax, financial, credit and loan data, and technical
Ability to plan work of subordinates.

Entry Qualifications:

Bachelors degree in business administration or a related field AND Two years of related experience OR One year of experience at the lower level or equivalent position OR Five years of experience in a related area OR Masters degree in business administration or a related field AND One year of related experience

Preferred Qualifications:

No preferred qualifications information is available.

Career Development Levels:

FIP033 - PS: Auditor/Examiner (SP)
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