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State of Georgia Job Description

Job Title: PS: Legal Analysis Spec (WL)
Job Code: 16712
Last Update: 9/1/2010
Salary Plan: Statewide Salary Plan (SWD)


Job Description, Responsibilities, Standards, and Qualifications

Job Description:

Provides legal analysis services for a program, division, and department. May act as a liaison to the legal division.

Job Responsibilities & Performance Standards:

Conducts special examinations on claims requiring an in-depth investigation
1. Analyzes UI data in a timely manner to tabulate current DLAs on various program activities and immediately inform higher management of any problem areas for possible corrective action.
2. Produces tables, charts and graphs in a neat and readable format that depict performance measures from statistical reports for appropriate corrective action plans.
3. Produces spreadsheets, charts and graphs in a neat and readable format for the purpose of comparing Georgia statistics with other states.
4. Accurately responds to requests for UI data from other analysts, Section Chiefs, Assistant Commissioners, etc. in a professional and timely manner.
Considers requests for and renders decisions regarding policy exceptions
1. Conducts extensive and complex research, using technical knowledge, notes, files and other resources to compose accurate correspondence according to written or verbal instructions within established guidelines.
2. Promptly identifies and forwards inquiries which require policy decisions.
3. Keeps informed and trained on a regular basis on all computer applications that are the responsibility of the Division.
4. Responds to all inquiries according to established guidelines.
5. Maintains telephone log of all calls received for technical assistance and prepare a listing of the pertinent questions and answers for dissemination to field personnel in accordance with established procedures.
6. Develops retrieval mechanism for questions and answers to give selected personnel the capability of researching this log in a prompt and efficient manner.
Maintains the legal library and researches to provide information
1. Initiates updates to required manuals and computer programs as needed in a timely manner and assures changes are not in conflict with the law.
2. Accurately evaluates requests for updating mainframe computer programs and distinguishes between a request which will result in maintenance to an existing program and a request which will result in a project for the data processing staff.
3. Periodically prepares maintenance requests to update existing programs and report distribution in data processing.
4. Monitors existing forms, as warranted, concerning needed changes to existing forms, creation of new forms and abolishing obsolete forms.
5. Researches specific UI subject matter and statistical data for training materials providing instructors information to insert into materials according to specified time frames.
6. Accurately compiles statistical data to create and design charts and graphs used in training according to specified time frames.
May assist in the contracting function
1. Researches cost factors for items included in the budget to assure estimates are based on current cost within time frames specified by the Budget Officer.
2. Correctly prepares explanations and justifications for expenditure of items which may be questioned before the budget is turned in to higher level management.
3. Coordinates with the Budget Office to assure all information is included and the budget is submitted through proper channels within time frames specified by the Budget Officer.
Negotiates resolutions of issues prior to hearings
1. Keeps abreast of all changes in travel regulations and current policies regarding travel in order to accurately verify travel vouchers.
2. Assures expenses for subsistence are within the boundaries of current policy on all travel vouchers.
3. Assures recorded mileage is accurate from point of origin to destination on all travel vouchers.
4. Correctly verify math totals for accuracy on all travel vouchers.
5. In all cases, assures there are substantiating documents for any unusual charges on necessary travel vouchers.
Performs legal research and compiles data from references, digests, and law libraries
Prepares proposed legislation for review and the analysis of the impact of the changes
Provides review and analysis of the implications of laws, policy statements, and regulations
Researches, drafts, revise and/or negotiate documents, provide support to existing programs or new programs
Reviews/critiques and assists in drafting proposed legislation

Sample Technical Competencies:

Ability to provide legal analysis of the laws, rules and policies.
Ability to research relevant documents and facts.
Ability to review files documentation and organize according to protocol.
Ability to conduct investigations in accordance with professional standards.
Ability to conduct hearings, conferences, or interviews based on guidelines.
Ability to interpret and/or apply provisions of the law.

Entry Qualifications:

Bachelors¬ degree in business, business administration, public administration or related area AND One year of related experience to area of assignment OR Four years of experience in the related area of assignment OR One year of experience at the lower level or position equivalent

Preferred Qualifications:

No preferred qualifications information is available.

Career Development Levels:

LEP042 - PS: Legal Analysis Spec (AL)
LEP043 - PS: Legal Analysis Spec (SP)
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