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State of Georgia Job Description

Job Title: MG: Business Operations
Job Code: 10024
Last Update: 9/1/2010
Salary Plan: Statewide Salary Plan (SWD)


Job Description, Responsibilities, Standards, and Qualifications

Job Description:

Directs a diverse range of support, operational, and programmatic activities for a department, agency or facility. Recommends and implements policies and procedures. Directs subordinate supervisors and staff.

Job Responsibilities & Performance Standards:

Interviews, hires, directs, trains, evaluates the performance of, and when necessary, disciplines and discharges employees
Manages human resources and directs administrative activities
Conducts or participates in the development, review, revision, interpretation, and/or implementation of policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines
Coordinates compliance with rules, regulations, and policies
Coordinates interaction between department, agency, and facility operating units, other programs and/or external customers as appropriate
Ensures efficiency, effectiveness and accuracy of all functions through the use of computer systems, management controls, and sound organizational structure
Oversees the development and on-going management of one or more programs or projects consistent with agency goals and objectives
Participates in the planning, coordination, development and implementation of long-range goals and objectives
Plans, administers, and controls the budget

Sample Technical Competencies:

Ability to implement appropriate courses of actions to ensure compliance
Skill in developing and managing the budget process
Ability to analyze the operational impact of legislative and executive initiatives
Ability to organize and manage program areas
Ability to set goals with defined milestones to measure progress

Entry Qualifications:

Completion of a Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in a related field and two years experience managing professional level staff OR Six years related professional experience, two years of which was managing professional level staff, OR A combination of education and experience at agency discretion.

Preferred Qualifications:

No preferred qualifications information is available.

Career Development Levels:

GSM011 - MG1: Business Operations
GSM012 - MG2: Business Operations
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The information presented, while not an exact or exhaustive listing, describes the work, performance standards, and qualifications typically required of positions or employees in this job. A specific position description or employee performance plan may differ as long as it is consistent with the core Responsibilities, Standards and Qualifications of that job.
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